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"Homa is fantastic and my session was beyond wonderful. I went with the hypno-acupuncture service that combines hypnotherapy and acupuncture. Homa is extremely knowledgeable and was also able to suggest dietary ideas with me so I could focus on my health. The office is Zen like and beautifully furnished which just adds to the experience. The entire session was spiritually uplifting and I was walking on cloud nine for the rest of the day. I absolutely recommend her and her services to anybody that is need of change within their lives. Be it for pain management or needing to regain your health, Homa has you covered. Thank you Homa and I look forward to our next session." Gabriel G, 2017

"Hi Homa, Just wanted to tell you that thanks to you, I had a good race today… I qualified for the world championships… And was much better than last week! Thank you so much for taking good care of me and helping me with this accomplishment. It means a lot to me!" Anonymous, 2018

"I'm a big fan of Homa Sajadian and her process for treatment. I had overdone stress in my life and didn't have enough energy to walk down the street. My adrenals were exhausted and my liver and spleen over loaded. Through a series of treatments I was able to heal in half the time it would normally take to recover. She has helped me so much that not only can I walk down the street but I'm in training to recertify as a Jazzercise Instructor. I could not have done this without her help at a critical time in my health. I am extremely grateful for her expertise and care and I would recommend Homa to anyone." Diane E, 2014

"Acupuncture by Homa has become a weekly part of my life. It has allowed me to keep ocean swimming, even though I've been diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear & bone spur in my right shoulder. I have even been told by my orthopedist that he no longer recommends surgery because my MRIs only one year apart are identical! The difference: acupuncture. You don't have to know exactly why you feel acupuncture would help when you walk in. It can help in ways you might not imagine: fatigue, weakness, lethargy, aches & pains. On a regular basis, it has given me strength...both emotionally & physically." Anonymous, 2016

"Homa's treatments are changing my life for the better! If Western medicine isn't working, try something new." Anonymous, 2016

"Homa is fantastic, better informed and more caring than any doctor I've visited. Homa will offer dietary advice and supplements to help you in your daily life with any condition, or no condition. It is very similar to receiving a rainbow in your body." Anonymous, 2017

"HYPNO-ACUPUNCTURE WITH HOMA AND DANIEL IS POWERFUL, A MAJOR UPLIFT TO YOUR WELL BEING. If you are a happy, contented person, try this hypno-acupuncture experience with Homa and Daniel. You will become even happier. If you are feeling sad, try it! You will loosen up and lose the sadness you carry within you. Daniel and Homa are both experts in their respective fields. While I've been doing therapy with Homa for two years, this was my first experience with both. I feel bathed in sunshine. Soon you will be too...don't hesitate." Marilyn A, 2017

"Homa is incredible. I am thoroughly pleased with the care she gave to my son. I highly recommend her services." Anonymous, 2018

"When I first began seeing Homa, I couldn't always walk. I was suffering from severe chronic fatigue to such an extend that my family thought I had MS, a disease that my grandmothers had died of when my dad was only 25. I had seen 25 medical doctors to try to get help with my symptoms, only one of which had helped me in a significant way. After I started seeing Homa, I began to see improvements in my symptoms. Although I was very resistant at first to some of the lifestyle changes she recommended to me, particularly my diet, which I had thought was good enough, Homa ultimately won my trust with her healing treatments and I put my faith in her. I have been anything BUT disappointed. I have dramatically improved. I no longer have severe weakness and tingling in my extremities, I no longer have terrible nerve symptoms like nausea, weird electrical pains, and TMJ, and I have resumed many activities that had been severely limited before by my fatigue. I know it's only up and up from here. I give my highest, most enthusiastic recommendation to Homa. Just know that you need to do some leg work to get results, too!" Anonymous, 2016

"I have had great results each time I have been treated by Homa. The first time was a strained and inflamed shoulder, and the second was for a dislocated and badly sprained index finger. The results was amazing, and the inflammation was reduced almost immediately, and in the case of my shoulder, gone completely within 24hours, and I was pain free!" Anonymous, 2016

"My first time with acupuncture. I was a complete agnostic. However, a series of treatments did in fact result in elimination of chronic neck pain, and each session was more rewarding than the one before. The feeling of relaxation and well-being following each session is remarkable. Homa's advice about preventive measures has, I am sure, helped prevent the return of my complaint. In addition, Homa is a genuinely warm, intelligent, and caring person - a delight to know." Anonymous, 2016

"Miraculous! I've had a fear of falling for the last year. I've only been able to navigate by being able to touch a wall or object. Being outdoors and attempting to walk was paralyzing. I managed by clutching my husband's arm or carrying a cane. Five sessions of acupuncture seems to have removed my irrational fear.
Miraculous? Yes. True? Yes. I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and acupuncture seems to have removed this demon from my mind. I highly recommend that anyone give it a try.
Homa, It's been three weeks and I do believe I am cured. Again, many thanks." M.W., 2009

"Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved my acupuncture/cupping experience. I had so much energy and my back pain disappeared!" Anna Fryxell, 2012

"Homa is a kind and caring acupuncturist; and really worked to get me to the place where I needed to be in all sessions. Initially I came in for help with PMS symptoms, but ended up feeling a big difference with anxiety levels in addition to my PMS symptoms. After every session I felt relaxed and ready to take on the world!" Sarah A., 2013

"Early December, I was experiencing numbness in my left hand and arm from playing the acoustic bass. I received acupuncture treatments from Ms. Homa and after three visits my arm was completely cured. I had feeling back in my hand and my bass playing improved. Ms. Homa is a great acupuncturist! I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of treatment - she helped me immensely!" P. S., Bassist, 2010

"I had motion sickness despite having patches and taking Dramamine. The acupuncture helped the first time! I went back for 2 more sessions with Homa to stay feeling well. I would not hesitate to receive acupuncture again." Anonymous, 2010

"A nice experience straight after a very long plane flight from Australia. I feel relaxed and well balanced. Homa provided good information and shows genuine concern towards individual healing. Thank you!" M. K., Australia 2012

"I wanted to tell about my experience with the acupuncture treatments onboard the cruise. I hesitated to have acupuncture in the past, but my curiosity was peaked when I saw there would be a lecture on acupuncture given by Homa Sajadian. I attended the lecture and found it quite interesting. Afterwards, I chatted with Homa - I told her I had been getting acupuncture treatments for my 11 year old dog for many years. Her response was: "Now you should take care of yourself!"
I scheduled the first session - and I was amazed at how I felt afterwards! I have hot flashes, carpal tunnel syndrome, circulation issues, slight scoliosis and have suffered a few bouts of sciatica in the past - not to mention stress. After the fourth session, I felt like a new person and am going home feeling wonderful. Thank you, Homa, and I will truly miss you!" Sally S., 2010

"My patients and myself often suffer chronic pain that traditional medicine relieves poorly. While on the cruise the introductory consultation persuaded me to try acupuncture. I can recommend this treatment with confidence.
I am a long distance runner in my late 50's, when I over exercise or even consistently push myself over several weeks, I begin experiencing an ache in my hips and buttock, mostly sciatic pain. Acupuncture relieved this pain, whether it will persist after acute treatment remains to be seen, however nothing else has worked so well.
In addition, after an hour relaxing with the needles in, I felt reenergized as if I was walking taller. Also, I have never felt so free of tension as during the treatment." Terease K., 2009

"I very much appreciated the professional and effective treatments of Ms. Homa Sajadian on my voyage. My pain is much diminished and I am able to enjoy the cruise." A.S., 2010

"Because I have battled a life long weight problem I decided to try acupuncture. Not knowing that my chemotherapy eleven years ago was also contributing to my many issues; dry mouth, mouth sores, sleeplessness and knee pain. After three treatments with Homa Sajadian these past two weeks, I am feeling much better and am not constantly hungry even with the wonderful offerings on this cruise!" Anonymous, 2010

"Your acupuncture lady is a Miracle Worker!" Anonymous, 2009