Private Session

Ideal for privacy, complex conditions and more in-depth one-on-one communication, these sessions are conducted in a private treatment room with the patient laying on a heated massage table. Treatment includes acupuncture and on an as-needed basis other modalities such as cupping, gua sha, tui na, electrical stimulation and infrared heat therapy.

Private sessions are approximately 45-55 minutes long for follow up visits. First session is approximately 60-75 minutes which includes a thorough health assessment and exam, treatment and follow-up instructions.

Acupuncture By Homa bills PPO Insurance for private sessions.

To schedule your private session appointment please call the office at 310-372-5555.

Rates* - New Patient: $195, Established Patient: $125
* Over 20% courtesy discount for payments received at time of service

Community Acupuncture

Becoming increasingly popular, community acupuncture offers affordable acupuncture treatment in a group setting. Treatments take place in a peaceful common area with the patients comfortably resting on Zero-Gravity reclining chairs. Family and friends can be treated together to support each other’s healing process.

Acupuncture points used during Community Acupuncture are reachable without the patients having to disrobe. Loose fitting clothing is recommended so the sleeves and pant-legs can be comfortably rolled up as needed. Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes long, and only include acupuncture as other modalities such as cupping or electrical stimulation are not feasible in this setting.

Acupuncture By Homa does not bill insurance for community acupuncture, payment is due at the time of treatment. A detailed receipt will be emailed to you following each treatment which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

In consideration for others, please keep voices down, completely turn off your cell phone, and arrive scent-free as many experience allergic reaction to perfumes and strong smells. For the comfort of your child and your own peace of mind during the treatment, please refrain from bringing children along to your appointment.

To schedule your appointment for Community Acupuncture please call 310-372-5555.

Community Acupuncture Rate - $45

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Look and feel radiant, naturally and holistically! Facial rejuvenation therapies, using time tested cosmetic acupuncture helps reduce the appearance of fine lines while softening deeper lines, reduces sagging skin and puffiness. Treatments promote circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin production, firm up and tone the skin without any side effects or downtime. Increase energy, boost metabolism and experience an overall sense of vitality that affects the whole body and glows from within.

12 Weekly Treatments Are Recommended For Best Results.

To schedule your appointment, please call 310-372-5555.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Rates - $150 per treatment, 20% off on a pre-paid series of 12 sessions


Relieve spasm, congestion and tension with this ancient therapeutic remedy. Cupping promotes circulation and helps your body detoxify naturally. Please bring warm clothing for post treatment; and avoid draft and cold following your appointment.

To schedule your appointment, please call 310-372-5555.

Cupping Rate - $60 per 30 minute session


Homa and award-winning Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Daniel Olexa, team up to provide you with a life-changing experience with the combination of acupuncture and hypnosis. Individually, acupuncture and hypnosis have proven to be powerful complimentary holistic approaches to reduce stress and anxiety, control weight, manage pain, break bad habits and build confidence & self-esteem. Now you can experience them together in a powerful combination of healing modalities designed to bring positive change to your mind and body.

What is hypno-acupuncture? Hypno-acupuncture, also known as Hypnopuncture, is the combination of one of ancient Chinese medicine’s modalities, acupuncture, with the power of hypnotherapy to create a stronger mind/body healing connection. Originating in England, hypno-acupuncture has been shown to be successful for releasing undesirable energies and restoring balance.

Why is hypno-acupuncture so effective? Our mind and body are intimately connected: How we think affects how we feel and how our bodies feel affects how we think. Hypno-acupuncture addresses both the physical and psychological components of an issue simultaneously, creating faster and more effective resolutions than other methods alone. As acupuncture balances our body’s energies to promote healing and well-being, hypnosis works with your subconscious mind to create a new, positive outlook that promotes your health, happiness and success. The end result: When you feel better, you think more positive thoughts; when you think positive thoughts, you feel better.

What can I expect from my session? Homa and Daniel conduct a mutual interview to understand your current situation and your goals. During this intake interview, each focuses within the scope of their practice and collaborate to provide the best solution for you. After the interview, Daniel will prepare a personalized script for you as Homa begins the acupuncture process. Once you’ve comfortably settled into your acupuncture treatment, Daniel will guide you to a state of increased relaxation and awareness via hypnosis. In this deep state of relaxation, you will be fully aware and present as Daniel delivers your personalized script suggestions to you. This script is designed to help you reach your goals and reduce any elements of subconscious sabotage. The hypnotic portion of your session will be recorded and provided to you via email so that you can listen to your suggestions at your convenience. This repetition through listening will help to reinforce and strengthen your new, positive outlook.

Scheduling: Hypno-acupuncture sessions are available by appointment and last 90 minutes. Schedule your appointment by calling 310-372-5555 or 310-746-5929.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the nature of this service requiring two practitioners, we have instituted a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. A credit card number is required to hold the appointment. If you, our patient/client, cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice and we are unable to re-book that time, your credit card will be charged the full amount of that session. The same holds true for missed or forgotten appointments. Of course, there are medical emergencies that you may verify and we will apply your missed appointment cancellation fee to your next appointment or gift certificate. Please bring those situations to our attention immediately.

Hypno-Acupuncture Introductory Rate - $350 per 90 min session

Acupuncture Cleanse

Acupuncture Cleanse is another unique healing treatment provided at Acupuncture By Homa. This is a true treat for the viscera as it involves an acupuncture treatment followed by a warm Castor oil pack on the abdomen and a soothing abdominal massage.

The healing benefits of castor oil packs have been known for a long time. The combination of acupuncture and castor oil pack makes this a remarkable detox and healing experience.

Acupuncture Cleanse increases circulation in the viscera, the organs within the abdominal cavity. It reduces inflammation in the bowels, promotes lymphatic flow and blood circulation, and helps boost metabolism. Acupuncture Cleanse can be tailored for the treatment of many conditions such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, or chronic constipation; menstrual related congestion such as fibroids; and chronic fluid retention.

Acupuncture Cleanse is an excellent way for the liver and the digestive track to release and eliminate toxins to improve organ functions.

Acupuncture Cleanse - $150